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Some do’s and dont’s


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Bohollow has been buzzing with the incessant calls of baby birds. We are always pushed to our limits each year during the height of the nesting season. The only saving grace is that baby birds grow extremely quickly so as fast as we are preparing fledglings to fend for themselves and releasing, more are pouring in through the shelter’s doors.

Build some nesting boxes


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This spring, with the near perfect conditions, birds are breeding prolifically. Nesting boxes encourage local bird life, especially in areas where there are a limited number of hollows for birds such as rosellas and galahs.

‘I love all species of our native ducks...‘


‘I love all species of our native ducks...‘ image

I love the presence of tiny ducklings at Bohollow and watching them grow so quick, within eight weeks newly hatched ducklings transform from tiny balls of fluff to flying wanderers of our wetlands.

Wedge-tailed Eagle comes into care


Wedge-tailed Eagle comes into care image

One of the most magnificent species I have the privilege to work with is the Wedgetailed Eagle.



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Some people are known to be morning people, I, myself have always been known as a bit of a night owl. I find the seclusion and peacefulness of the later hours soothing and a lot goes on out there with our native critters while most of us are sleeping.