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Easiest Ever MOIST Apple Cake


Easiest Ever MOIST Apple Cake image

Now I am not a big cake lover, however this cake with the apples and spices is a winner in my book, and our household (though Mum isn’t one to EVER refuse a sweet thing with a cuppa). I hope you give this cake recipe a go and find your household enjoys it too. Happy Baking.



Rice image

I’ve had fun recently after one of the family sent me a link to watch ‘Uncle Roger’ on youtube as he gives a commentary on how to cook plain rice.

Turkish Menemen


Turkish Menemen image

Multiculturalism in Australia contributes so much to our way of life in so many ways, but probably the stand-out for many of us is... interesting and delicious food!

Megan’s Gorgeous Calorierich Chocolate Cake


Megan’s Gorgeous Calorierich Chocolate Cake image

At least one of our daughters has turned the lockdown to good use and is obviously aiming to take the ‘Kitchen Goddess of the Year’ award in her category.

Julia’s Banana Bread


Julia’s Banana Bread image

Apparently baking Banana Bread is a sure sign you’ve been in lockdown for many weeks. . . anybody who’s anybody has been baking Banana Bread. So when a few overripe bananas appeared in our fruit bowl, I thought I’d better have a go at it myself.