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What an ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ year in my garden


What an ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ year in my garden image

Thankfully there’s been more of the ups. Being confined to home during COVID-19, my companionship strategies have changed. Interaction with dear friends, family and local acquaintances has forced me to work in the garden and enjoy the tranquillity.

Kitchen Garden


Kitchen Garden image

November is one of the busiest times in the garden, especially the kitchen garden!

Crop Rotation - mixing things up


Crop Rotation - mixing things up image

As very amateur home gardeners (speaking from personal experience) most of us know that crop rotation is something that is going to help us grow healthy happy veggies that we (instead of very hungry caterpillars and other pests) get to enjoy munching on.

Health and happiness from the garden


In these times of high anxiety and enforced social isolation, connecting with nature helps us both physically and emotionally. It may be walking in our local bushland, breathing the fresh fragrant air, seeking out or admiring the wild flowers, local fauna, and majestic Eucalypts and acacias. Admiring the beauty, the fresh greenery and colour and being inspired to “garden’ in one of its many forms. You may just be tidying up a neglected area, repotting plants on your verandah or indoor patio, taking some cuttings to share with friends, weeding and feeding our ‘lawns’ or growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. Also taking photos to journal, or share, and drawing or painting some outdoor inspiration. Being amongst ‘the greenery has mental health benefits.

Banksias brighten up a winter garden


Banksias brighten up a winter garden image

The onset of winter brings the striking flowers of the many Banksia species to the fore.