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Planting from pots


Many gardeners have experienced the frustration of spending good money on a plant only to have it die after being planted out. Newly planted plants don’t just die for no reason; in many cases they are killed through the ignorance of the gardener. Here is a simple guide to prevent those expensive post-planting fatalities:

Top tips for success with organic fruit


Katie Finlay was one of the guest presenters at the Spring Garden Expo in Rushworth last Saturday and is sharing her hints here for the benefit of all. Hugh and Katie Finlay are organic orchardists from Harcourt who teach the online Grow Great Fruit home study program. They also offer a free weekly newsletter called Weekly Fruit Tips. Go to for details.

2017 Spring Gardens Expo


The Rushworth Spring Gardens Committee welcomes a variety of guest speakers to the 2017 Spring Gardens Expo.

Wattle it be?


It’s easy to get excited about gardens this time of year. Spring is a near promise, and the best (or worst) part of winter, is behind us. Our National floral emblem, the Golden Wattle (or for the plant nerds), Acacia pycnantha, is putting on a spectacular display and the contrast of its yellow blossom against the back-drop of black ironbark trunks and the blue-grey foliage of the forest is breathtaking.

Spring is in the Air...


Finally the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, although only in little bursts! Gardens are starting to come to life with bulbs popping up all over the place, bringing an end to that winter gloomy weather we have experienced this year. Roses should have been pruned by now and signs of new growth charging along promising us lovely blooms in the next few months. Fruit trees are all budding up and almond trees are in full blossom giving a very spectacular early spring display.

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