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The Waranga News is a volunteer community newspaper serving the Waranga region of northern Victoria.


Way back in September 1978, an enthusiastic group of community-minded people who mourned the passing of the Rushworth Chronicle finally got their 'baby' on the road.

These days the Waranga News has a print run of 1100 each fortnight, including some 250 subscribers.

Staff & Volunteers

Editor: Mary Jo Fortuna

Office & Accounts Manager: Vicki Arnel

Committee: Cate Fraser, Eloise Mitchell

Reporters: Glenys Avard, Denise Corbin, Kerrie Raglus, Cass Alexander, Neil Laurie, Neil Short

Photographers: Cass Alexander

Layout and Publishing: Natalie Ryan, Louise Pelle, Gillian Schoenborn, Glenys Avard, Denise Corbin, Kerrie Raglus, Mike Wellington

Proofreaders: Noelle Grinter, Rosemary Hawking, Maureen McCarthy, Neil Laurie, Neil Short

Colbo Tit Bits: Clare Ireland, Michelle Rathjen, Natalie Ryan

Stanhope Correspondents: Bob Holschier, Floss Holschier

50 Years Ago: Alan McLean

Green Gardner: Carol McMillian

Rogies Ramblings: Ian Rogerson

Wrappers: Cathy Hourigan, Glenys Oliver

Distribution: Helen Harcoan, Maureen McCarthy, Neil Short, Ian Rogerson, Mike Wellington

Receptionist: Rosemary Hawking

Get Involved

The Waranga News is always looking for new ideas and contributions from the community.

So if you have any ideas of your own that you would like to see featured in the pages of the Waranga News, just email us at or call in at the office, 33 Moora Road.

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