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Little eagle (or booted eagle) rescued


Little eagle (or booted eagle) rescued image

Here at Bohollow wildlife still need rescuing and we are being sensible and following all the precautions in relation to keeping us all safe. I would like to add that you CANNOT catch the Covid-19 virus from any wildlife or animals, it is human to human transmission so keep yourselves as safe as possible. It is still perfectly safe to stop and check pouches, assist injured wildlife and call us for help.

Flying Foxes


Flying Foxes image

Acts of wildlife cruelty are something we wildlife rescuers and carers see much more than people may imagine. We are often notified first of cruelty cases as people can be unsure as to who to turn to when they witness acts against wildlife. Also in our field of wildlife rescue, we are the ones called to pick up the pieces when wildlife is harmed by human hands, in the form of rescue of the animal and care or euthanasia, whichever the outcome may be.

Noisy miners


Noisy miners image

You can almost feel the changing of the seasons in the air as temperatures become more bearable and the days begin to shorten once more. Many of our migratory species are already on the move or preparing to travel to their wintering grounds. I have seen rainbow bee-eaters already beginning their travels and our sacred kingfishers are also getting restless. I love the change our landscape endures through the seasons and a huge part of that love for me is the coming and going of different species. It is almost like saying goodbye to old friends and welcoming others on their return.

Support your local shelter


Support your local shelter image

I have sat back in silence and watched things unfold while the world has seemed to go a little crazy of late. We received many phone calls daily for about three weeks running for the duration of the horrific fires which hit our state this season. Social media was rampant with blame, false accusations and many fundraising activities to raise money and supplies for burnt wildlife.

The heat is on


The heat is on image

With the weather extremely warm again this week, it is going to be another busy one for Bohollow.

What a year it has been for Bohollow!


What a year it has been for Bohollow! image

It has certainly been a busy one and as always in wildlife care, there have been highs and lows. We have seen many beautiful creatures come into our care and return to their wild homes and currently the shelter is full to the brim with many releases planned over the summer.