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Wedge-tailed Eagle comes into care


Wedge-tailed Eagle comes into care image

One of the most magnificent species I have the privilege to work with is the Wedgetailed Eagle.



Gliders image

Some people are known to be morning people, I, myself have always been known as a bit of a night owl. I find the seclusion and peacefulness of the later hours soothing and a lot goes on out there with our native critters while most of us are sleeping.

Release day for young female koala


Release day for young female koala image

It is always wonderful to see the wildlife who come into care at Bohollow get back to their wild homes and it is the rewarding aspect of what we do. Just over a week ago Deb and I released a young female koala back to the eucalyptus trees of Loch Garry. She took quite awhile contemplating her freedom after quite a few months in care at our Kotupna shelter. I always wonder what goes through their minds when a critter first comes into our care and then again when they are finally returned to be wild and free. It must be a huge transition for them going from wild and untouched, likely never being close to human contact to suddenly being contained, treated and in an enclosure. Likewise, after many months in care with all their needs provided, the transition of suddenly being free again in their wild environment and having to forage or hunt on their own and navigate all the skills they require for survival must be just as much of a shock.

Collared Sparrowhawk


Collared Sparrowhawk image

Winter is a time when many birds of prey find themselves in trouble. After the hectic Spring and Summer breeding season is done and dusted I usually have a bit of a lull in the amount of new bird patients arriving at Bohollow which may last for a few weeks before the raptors begin to come in.

Brushtail Possums


Brushtail Possums image

While autumn sees the end of the main bird breeding season, some of our other natives are still quite busy and our native Brushtail Possum is one of them. Each year Bohollow receives many calls about possums in roof and wall cavities which people would like us to remove. This time of year is major peak time for this species to breed, so often people become more privy to their presence due to the squabbling and fighting between possums which can cause quite a racket.

Insects and Tawny Frogmouths and Bohollow


Insects and Tawny Frogmouths and Bohollow image

Winter weather seems to have dropped upon us quite suddenly. When I first began my career as a wildlife carer and rescuer, I became closely tuned in the seasonal changes of both our weather and also the creatures which rely so heavily on these changes. I have watched over the years our seasons starting to change. At first, the changes were quite subtle but now they seem to be much more pronounced and this in turn causes our wildlife to alter their behaviour to adapt the best they can. The food resources for our wildlife ebb and flow, they always have, but our wildlife have been attuned to this ebb and flow for thousands of years. Species know when they can rely on a seasonal food source or change and it is a cycle which they have learnt to depend on.