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Rescuing owls and some rules to follow


Rescuing owls and some rules to follow image

Owl visits Bunnings


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Spring is in the air!


Spring is in the air! image

Roads and wildlife


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Plumed Whistling Duck


Plumed Whistling Duck image

Many of us are familiar with the Pacific Black Duck, the Wood Duck and the two smaller teal species, Grey and Chestnut Teal which live in our area. A much rarer duck in these parts is a beautiful species named the Plumed Whistling Duck.

Injured wildlife


Injured wildlife image

This time of year is certainly not as busy for me as it is in spring and summer but quieter days are interspersed with days that are still flat out with rescues. I have been doing many miles some days to attend rescues and Sunday was another extremely long day, though this time the entire day involved the rescue of one animal.