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Fishy Fridge Bonanza

Fishy Fridge Bonanza image

I don’t know if this recipe will inspire anyone to have a bash at it. I just want you to know that I made it – and it was really delicious. Himself and I both agree with that statement.

I was in NEED of some nutritious, fishy, vegetable lunch, so searched in the fridge for inspiration. (I also cleaned out the fridge while I was at it.)


  • 2 frozen fish fillets, cut into 2 cm slices
  • ½ bunch Chinese cabbage sliced (I used one with the dark green leaves, buck choi)
  • 6 cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • 1 green cucumber, halved lengthwise, seeds removed and sliced 1cm
  • Half a capsicum sliced
  • Garlic and ginger (1/2 tspn each)
  • 1tspn light soya sauce
  • 1 tbspn mint jelly
  • 1 dstspn peanut oil
  • Finely sliced spring onions to serve


  • Slice fish and add ginger and garlic. Using peanut oil, gently stir fry fish for a minute, then add the prepared vegetables and continue to stir gently (some fish fillets break up easily, so you want to keep them looking respectable.) When everything is cooked, only a matter of minutes, add the mint jelly. Do a taste test and adjust, perhaps using fish sauce for extra saltiness.
  • Serve on some boiled rice and sprinkle with the chopped spring onions.
  • What you end up with is something of the flavours of a fish sweet and sour.
  • PS. The mint jelly I used was a home-made variety that my friend Marge usually gives me for Christmas. I’m sure she’ll be happy that I’ve found another way to use it. She makes it using her home-grown mint and lime jelly as a setting agent. Very delicious, of course, with roast lamb.