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Megan’s Gorgeous Calorierich Chocolate Cake


Megan’s Gorgeous Calorierich Chocolate Cake image

At least one of our daughters has turned the lockdown to good use and is obviously aiming to take the ‘Kitchen Goddess of the Year’ award in her category.

Julia’s Banana Bread


Julia’s Banana Bread image

Apparently baking Banana Bread is a sure sign you’ve been in lockdown for many weeks. . . anybody who’s anybody has been baking Banana Bread. So when a few overripe bananas appeared in our fruit bowl, I thought I’d better have a go at it myself.

Mushroom Risotto


Mushroom Risotto image

While shopping the other week I had a want for mushrooms, with no plans in mind of just how I would put them to use…. It got to 3 days post-shopping and the mushrooms were beginning to wither and wilt in the fridge. There was no way I was letting my impulse buy of deliciousness go to waste!

Impossible Cake


Impossible Cake image

‘Have you tried ‘Impossible Cake’, my daughter asked. Hmmm . . I remember something about ‘Impossible Pie’ which I think was something like a baked custard tart - no pie crust.

Cauliflower Fritters


Cauliflower Fritters image

we had a head of cauli in the fridge and it needed using, I decided that perhaps making fritters would be a more palatable way to consume it and ensure the cauli wasn’t wasted. I did an internet search for a recipe that appealed, and I’ve since made it twice with some tweaking of the recipe on the second attempt, so the following is my own version.

Chicken Soup Recipe


Chicken Soup Recipe image

My recipe this edition is for slow cooked chicken broth/stock. Full of nutrition and goodness. In this time of isolation it’s a great way to fill a few hours, the house smells wonderful and depending on the mood, the children can be enlisted to help with the preparations.