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The Black Swan Cygnus


The Black Swan Cygnus image

The Black Swan Cygnus (swan) atratus (covered in black, as for mourning) is a large waterbird that mostly breeds in the southeast and southwest areas of Australia. It is different from other swans because it is mostly black, though its flight feathers are white.

The Platypus


The Platypus image

Hey Kids! The platypus is one of the most unusual creatures in the animal kingdom. Read all about this amazing Australian and then have a go at the wordsearch!

That‛s Bats!


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Bats are the only mammals capable of long, sustained flight and have evolved to be the most widely distributed mammals on Earth. Most bats are nocturnal animals, meaning they search for prey at night and sleep during the day. As they have poor vision, some bats emit echos to detect and locate their prey in the dark.

Wonderful Wombats


Wonderful Wombats image

In this edition of the Waranga News we are taking a look at the wonderful wombats that inhabit our continent. There are three species of wombat: Common wombat, Northern hairy-nose wombat and Southern hairy-nose wombat.

Hey Kids!


Hey Kids! image

In this bumper edition of the Waranga News we are taking a look at Christmas food traditions from around the world, from the weird to the wonderful.