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Spring is in the Air...


Spring is in the Air... image

Finally the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, although only in little bursts! Gardens are starting to come to life with bulbs popping up all over the place, bringing an end to that winter gloomy weather we have experienced this year. Roses should have been pruned by now and signs of new growth charging along promising us lovely blooms in the next few months. Fruit trees are all budding up and almond trees are in full blossom giving a very spectacular early spring display.

Spring brings many garden activities at home and out and about in our region over the next 3-4 months including our own Rushworth Spring Garden Expo down in the Village Green, showcasing some wonderful and exciting stalls and demonstrations for all on Saturday 7 October. For more information see page two of this Waranga News edition.

There has been a lot of frost damage on plants around our area this year. Hopefully most of the heavy frosts have passed now but, to be safe, maybe leave another week or two before tidying up frost-affected plants.

Feeding fruit trees and general feeding of home gardens is in full swing. Any organic matter that you can get your hands on ensuring good healthy growth in the coming season. With all the good frosts this year, it should bring us some good yields on our stonefruit in the home orchard ..... reminder if you haven’t sprayed for curly leaf you may still just have enough time, if no leaves have developed yet!

Happy Gardening

‘Green Earth Gardener’

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