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A time for reflection


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Taking time to reflect is an important part of gardening. It is a time to think about what is working in the garden and what is not and a time to make plans for your garden’s future. After the dry summer months and the serious natural selection that took place and the prospect of the last summer being the new norm, we can start planning for the future.

In my garden I have had some real successes. The blue fescue really took off, in spite of being trimmed by a resident rabbit. The nearby weeping wattle has also done well, as did the leafless acacia. The yarrow under the new pergola thrived over the hot months, albeit with regular light watering Alas there were a few fatalities among the newly planted. The upshot of this is that we need to plant earlier so that plants can become more established before the summer. In some instances we may have needed to buy larger, more resilient plants and we need to plant heat/drought tolerant plants that can still tolerate the odd frost.

It is clear that we need to do a serious rethink as to what we plant in our gardens. Plants which can not only tolerate but thrive in the hot, dry summers are now essential if we are to continue gardening in Rushworth. It would be good thing for Rushworth gardeners if we can share our successes by putting together a list of those plants that will do well in our changing climate. What is needed from all you keen gardeners is to send a list of the plants that have not just survived but thrived over the last summer. Common names, botanical names or nursery names of the plants is all that is needed and a brief description can be sent in to the Waranga News to be collated into a plant list available to the public.

Zen Gardener