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Gardening days in lockdown.....


Gardening days in lockdown..... image

No Dig Gardening.. with the ideal growing conditions for our gardens with balmy days and a good start to the year with some decent rains. Mild temperatures over the last month or so have given us ideal conditions for new plantings in the garden and plenty of daylight hours to tidy up all those areas we have been meaning to get to but haven’t had the time .... so the upside of being in lockdown is plenty of time to get stuck into it and that’s exactly what we have been doing in our garden and loving it !

It has given me time to reflect on why we moved here in the first place to grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruits and to preserve what we can to last throughout the year, but somehow that had got lost in our busy lives and I am hoping that everyone has a different outlook on our choices now that we have been made to slow down and take stock of what really is important. And what we really need and want back. ......Food for thought....

If you are new to growing vegetables and herbs and are struggling to get started there is a great easy way to achieve fresh delicious organic vegetables and herbs without too much manual work.....it’s the No Dig Garden....yes no dig !

To create a small, medium or large patch in your garden you will need some recycled cardboard boxes ( all tape, staples etc removed), good weed free compost, some seedlings, and some type of edging ....it can be loose bricks old bits of concrete anything that will hold the shape of your bed together .

Lay the cardboard in a position which will get six hours’ sunlight, as vegetables and herbs need sun to thrive. You can lay this over a patch of weedy lawn so long as you overlap the cardboard so no light gets into the ground. Wet down the cardboard if you like but it’s not necessary. It will break down over time after the weeds have died. I prefer to put a couple of layers of cardboard down to ensure a good die off of weeds.

Layer organic compost over the cardboard to a depth of about 8 - 10 inches and firm down so you get enough compost in the bed for growing. Grab some vegetable and herb seedlings and plant into the compost and water in, making sure you space them at the required width apart and you should have great healthy seedlings producing bountiful fresh food in no time!

I used to grow my vegetables by this method when in rental properties many years ago with great success!

There are some great videos to step you through on YouTube if you need a bit extra help....

Happy Gardening ‘Green Earth Gardener’