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Autumn rains to start my favourite season in the garden...


Autumn rains to start my favourite season in the garden... image

Wow, what a lovely way to start my favourite season of the year in the garden with over three inches of rain falling steadily over twenty-four hours, putting some much needed moisture back into the ground after a warm, humid summer.

A garden to enjoy


A garden to enjoy image

It’s Saturday afternoon near Euroa, my son and his family’s oasis on a late summer day and I am sitting with our two beautiful and faithful dogs, Titan and Sari. The weather is balmy, a gentle breeze and brilliant blue skies. I’m writing this with my back against a large weeping mulberry tree, on lush cushioned lawn. My son cuts his lawn very high and maintains a wonderful cool lush parkland effect.

Climate change adaptation


Climate change adaptation image

As a new year beckons, the heat and winds of summer have been a real trial. I love ‘all’ plants and this year I will concentrate on climate change adaption, but I vow to care for all those plants ‘special’ to me. We need to save our trees; favourite shrubs and plants that give us joy as well as structure and framework to our garden.

Crepe Myrtle


Crepe Myrtle image

A small tree perfect for regular sized gardens is crepe myrtle lagerstroemia indica. Believed to have originated on the Indian subcontinent, it is a tree for all seasons. In summer it produces vibrant flowers, which have a crinkly texture like crepe fabric, and last for up to three months, and in autumn it provides great leaf colour in shades of yellow, orange and scarlet. The lagerstroemia indica species of crepe myrtle is probably the most widely available in Australia and flower in a range of colours - white, red, pink and deep mauve.

Waste not...


Waste not... image

I try to use garden waste as a resource. To throw waste out in a green bin means nutrients are being lost out of the garden.