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Health and happiness from the garden


In these times of high anxiety and enforced social isolation, connecting with nature helps us both physically and emotionally. It may be walking in our local bushland, breathing the fresh fragrant air, seeking out or admiring the wild flowers, local fauna, and majestic Eucalypts and acacias. Admiring the beauty, the fresh greenery and colour and being inspired to “garden’ in one of its many forms. You may just be tidying up a neglected area, repotting plants on your verandah or indoor patio, taking some cuttings to share with friends, weeding and feeding our ‘lawns’ or growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. Also taking photos to journal, or share, and drawing or painting some outdoor inspiration. Being amongst ‘the greenery has mental health benefits.

Banksias brighten up a winter garden


Banksias brighten up a winter garden image

The onset of winter brings the striking flowers of the many Banksia species to the fore.

The wisdom of time….and hindsight


The wisdom of time….and hindsight image

Time is a great giver of wisdom; it allows you to make mistakes and then hopefully learn from them. This is certainly the case with gardening where, sooner or later, your mistakes become very evident. However it does help if you have some of this wisdom simply told to you so here are some little gardening pearls of wisdom.

Gardening days in lockdown.....


Gardening days in lockdown..... image

with the ideal growing conditions for our gardens with balmy days and a good start to the year with some decent rains. Mild temperatures over the last month or so have given us ideal conditions for new plantings in the garden and plenty of daylight hours to tidy up all those areas we have been meaning to get to but haven’t had the time .... so the upside of being in lockdown is plenty of time to get stuck into it and that’s exactly what we have been doing in our garden and loving it !

Billy Buttons


Billy Buttons image

For a few weeks following a wet winter, the roadsides and grasslands around our patch of Victoria are brightened by a display of golden-yellow globes on long wiry stems. Billy Buttons (Pycnosorus globosus), also known as Drumsticks, grow all around the district, and are a favourite wildflower of many locals. Easily grown from seed, these beauties also make great longlasting cut flowers.

A time for reflection


A time for reflection image

Taking time to reflect is an important part of gardening. It is a time to think about what is working in the garden and what is not and a time to make plans for your garden’s future. After the dry summer months and the serious natural selection that took place and the prospect of the last summer being the new norm, we can start planning for the future.