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Summer days and festive gardens


Well we’re finally getting a glimpse of summer weather with a few warm days over the past couple of weeks. We might have thought our plants could never be thirsty again after all that spring rain, but many are feeling the heat already, and here we are with hoses in hand or setting up watering sytems to ensure our veggies don’t wilt over the coming holiday period (when we might just take our eye off the garden maintenance ball while we R&R).

Before we take time off we should take the time to make sure all our deadheading of roses, shrubs and climbers is taken care of. Cutting those long tendrils off wisterias and grapevines will keep them from going out of control and getting into places they aren’t meant to go!

Giving all your plants a Seasol solution feed will help with the stress of those hot summer days but keep them well deep watered and mulched to also relieve the stress. If going away for a few days over the Christmas break, pop all your pot plants near a watering system or stand them in shallow containers with water in them until you return. Roses need feeding again now for their autumn flush and to generally keep them looking good.

Leading up to Christmas it’s great to see some gardens with their festive season decorations... such as these colourful gourds left) and the reindeer in the bush (above). Even the colourful salvia  (below) offers a cheerful festive vibe.

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