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Shade loving plants


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Out and about gardening in this beautiful spring weather we are having at the moment (minus the rain...) I am noticing how glorious the shade-loving plants like Clivia, orchids and the native orchids are this year. I have been commenting to anyone who cares to listen ..... that the flowering of certain plants is far better than I have seen for many years, which still has me chasing anyone with a bit of knowledge or theories on why?

The sudden warmth again these last few days always sends me into a mad panic to get the garden fed, mulched and prepared for the onslaught of the endless dry summer days!

Vegetable gardens are looking a real treat (pardon the pun) ... as the days warm up and herbs are flowering and putting on growth at a fast speed giving us plenty of early pickings for the dinner table.

Talking shade-loving plants, having a wise moment I thought I’d inject a bit of colour into a shadier spot in our garden, I bought a lovely deep red azalea last week thinking “Wow, that could brighten up that shady spot just at the start of spring!”

Although then having a forgetful moment as I do (often... or reasonably often...) I forgot to guard it from the now that cheery bit of colour is just another chomped up plant in the garden. Lesson there for us all who live in rural areas: dry weather, less food for animals.. green garden: restaurant for animals!

Happy Gardening ‘Green Earth Gardener’

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