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October gardening tips


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One of my favourite parts of Gardening Australia is the segment at the end where they offer a few tips for our ‘jobs for the weekend’. It just seems to cut through that overwhelming ‘so much to do, where do I start?’ and gives us something to focus on. So, here’s an attempt to emulate Costa with some October gardening tips.

Feed azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons as they finish flowering, tip prune to promote bushy growth.

Watch for aphids on roses. Remove with spray from hose or squash them.

Prune banksia roses when flowering has finished.

Fertilise bulbs well and continue watering after flowering to pump bulbs for next season. Never remove the leaves until they have completely died down.

Plant tomato seedlings, basil and gourmet lettuce. Apollo, Rogue de Marmande and acid free yellow tomatoes bear fruit earliest in Melbourne.

Sow seeds of California poppy, sunflower, peas and sweet corn.

Plant dahlia tubers. Continue the fight against snails and slugs.

Plant some compact nasturtium seeds to provide leaves and flowers for salads – a good substitute for rocket

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