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Use of ochre


In recent stories about corroborees and possum-skin cloaks, mention was made of the use of ochre.

Possum hunting


As noted in the previous story, perhaps the most prized possessions of local Aboriginal people were their possum skin cloaks.

Possum Skin Cloaks


Squatter Edward Curr’s description of a corroboree on his run in the 1840s, near present-day Tongala, makes two references to the use of possum skin cloaks. In one, he talks about the women rolling up their cloaks, leather-side out, and bashing on them to make a bass percussion accompaniment to the corroboree. In the other, when each man started to prepare himself for the corroboree by painting his body and appending various parts of his costume, “his opossum-rug (was) discarded for the occasion.”