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Funds allocated as Community Planning Program is finalised


Planning Program is finalised Rushworth has been allocated $35,812.50 to be used as leverage funding to assist in progressing the Waranga Trail project. The allocation is from the Community Planning Implementation Fund (CPIF), which is to be expended as the twelve year old Community Planning Group program is wound up.

Council has approved the allocation of Community Plan Implementation Funds to support six community projects, identified by each community:

Corop, $5,487.99 – Creation of storage at the Corop Kitchen and a play space near the Traveller’s Rest area.

Stanhope: $23,533.70 – Improvements to key community open space areas, including the toilet/art space area.

Toolleen: $7,745.84 – Refurbishment of the wayside stop including painting, replacing the BBQ, tables and seats.

Torrumbarry: $4,789.09 – Repainting the Torrumbarry Hall.

Wyuna: $9,291.64– Installing airconditioning at the Wyuna Hall.

Rushworth: $35,812.50 – Allocated to a funding reserve to support applications for the fulfilment of the Waranga Trail project.

To support the finalisation of the program, all of the communities have been encouraged to expend their allocated funds. Up until three years ago each community within the shire received a per capita allocation and a $75,000 allocation was made to the pool reserve. All of the above mentioned communities have been involved in the Community Planning process in the last twelve years. All have money left in their Community Planning Reserves.

The CPIF pool reserve was established three years ago to replace allocations to individual communities. The residual funds were available to all communities once their individual allocation was expended. Council’s change in direction away from the community planning program requires the pool of funds to be disbursed to allow its finalisation. The Community Planning Officer has worked with local communities to determine their priorities for the funding.

The Waranga Trail project has been flagged for the last ten years and is one of five trails that the State Government has nominated as high priorities.

As a result of these allocations each of these communities will have expended their Community Plan Implementation Funds Reserves in the next twelve months with the pool reserve going towards the Waranga Trail.

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