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“Made road” wetland in Rushy


“Made road” wetland in Rushy image

This is Pyle Road, Rushworth, normally a winding gravelled road linking the western edge of Rushworth township with many of the grain and grazing properties around Moora. When it rains, however, Pyle Road becomes an impassable quagmire trapping any unwary motorist who chooses to plumb its depths!

Numerous vehicles use Pyle Road on a daily basis, as local residents make their way to and from work. At weekends, the surrounding bush is a mecca for itinerant prospectors trying their luck with their latest gold detector.

Needless to say, Pyle Road is not the only local thoroughfare with surface “blemishes”, and with road bitumenising a mere pipedream in many parts of northern Victoria, this situation is likely to persist.

One consolation, however, is that few roads around Echuca or other regional towns can boast Rushworth’s variety of local native orchids, which are now beginning their annual journey towards flowering and reproduction in the forest adjacent to Pyle Road.