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Lake Cooper interests addressed at meeting


Lake Cooper interests addressed at meeting image

A small COVID-19-compliant meeting took place recently on the shores of Lake Cooper between people with local waterways interests.

CLAPIC (Cornella Local Area Plan) and CCAG (Corop Community Action Group) representatives met with Taungurung, GBCMA, VWSA and ‘Camp Kookaburra’ in an exercise intended to exchange understandings about how the groups might all best fi t and work together in the future.

It is now recognised and accepted that Lake Cooper (contrary to the experience of anyone under seventy) is, in fact, an ephemeral lake and, being occasionally dry or with little water, is its natural state.

With the recent offi cial recognition of the Taungurung as the traditional owners, and DEWLP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) as the responsible government agency after years of uncertainty on both counts, it is hoped that a new era of better and more enlightened management of the lake and its foreshore will follow.