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Rushworth & District Community Bank supports Waranga News with $10,000 grant


Rushworth & District Community Bank supports Waranga News with $10,000 grant image

Rushworth & District Community Bank has announced a grant of $10,000 for the Waranga News to support a technology upgrade and ensure our local paper can continue to be produced to its very high standard and quality.

The Waranga News is a local institution operating for over 40 years, communicating important local news and events and connecting our communities by sharing great things that happen around us.

The Rushworth & District Community Bank grant of $10,000 has provided new computers and software to ensure our local paper continues to be published by hard working volunteers.

“ The vastly increased costs of upgrading technology in recent years has threatened the viability of our local community newspaper, so we are extremely grateful for this grant which will enable us to continue our important work of communication within and between the towns in our district,” said editor Mary Jo Fortuna. “We thank the Rushworth and District Community Bank for this further contribution to the functioning and wellbeing of our local communities,” she added.

The Bendigo Community Bank model is based on a ‘profitwith- purpose’ philosophy, which means profits are returned directly to the local community that has generated them. Importantly, the community decides where those profits are invested. The fact branches are locally owned and operated with funding returned to that particular community is a distinct point of difference to other banking institutions.

More than $1 million has been returned to Rushworth & District communities and initiatives over the past 18 years just from people choosing to do their everyday banking with the Rushworth & District Community Bank. Our community bank is locally owned by our shareholders and its our community that benefits from banking with our local community bank.

“We have been proud to support the Waranga News since we brought banking back to Rushworth and this grant will ensure that we keep connections within our communities, shares our great local achievements and have access to important local issues,” stated Chairman Christine Borger.

“Today’s announcement further demonstrates the deep connection we have with our Rushworth community. It is a great reminder of the good that banking locally can do when profits are returned to benefit local people and their communities. This grant is just another important investment we’ve made locally since 2002 and is on top of the more than $130,000 returned to Rushworth and the surrounding communities last financial year,” she concluded.