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Action at Rushworth service station site


Action at Rushworth service station site image

As reported in the last Waranga News, there is excitement in Rushworth that there is ‘some long awaited action at the High Street service station site’.

Simon Stanley, the National Installation Manager for Fuel System Solutions, the business undertaking the work for the owners, Aksara, says the work at the service station is expected to be completed by the end of March, with the opening date up to the owners to decide. When open, it will dispense Western Fuels.

There has been no change to the plans. While the front facade of the building will remain unchanged, there will be new electrical wiring and the building’s interior will be fitted out as a ‘normal’ service station shop. A new one shell 60,000 litres fibre-glass tank with four compartments was installed on Thursday 20 June 2019, and the remaining concrete, a lot of soil and old infrastructure have been removed since work re-began, and piping from the storage tank to the fuel outlets has been installed.

Asked why the work on the station, which was scheduled to be completed towards the end of August last year was delayed, Simon Stanley said a contributing factor was getting the necessary permits from the authorities.

When asked about rumours circulating about the delay, he said:

  • There had been no unexpected problems with the sale of the business.
  • There has been no change in ownership or the business supplying fuel.
  • There are no doubts about the service station being profitable.

Asked if the financial viability of the owner was a possible reason for delay, Simon Stanley said his business (Fuel Solutions) never comments on any business’s finances.

The opening of the service station, the only one in Rushworth, will be a wonderful asset. Locals will no longer need to leave town for fuel and will be more likely to buy products and services from Rushworth businesses, rather than shopping elsewhere while getting fuel out-of-town.