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A sign of the times in Rushy


A sign of the times in Rushy image

Redevelopment of the old Council Depot in Horne Street recently passed another milestone with the erection of this spectacular sign at the Rushworth Art Depot. Inspired by the area’s native fl ora, the sign was commissioned by Art Depot mentor Helen Grigg and sponsored by Rushworth and District Financial Services (our own Community Bank) as part of their on-going generous community support.

The sign is a collaborative effort by husband and wife team Les and Lou Pelle through their respective businesses ‘Pellecan’ and ‘Design by Nature’ .

Lou created the design, then she and Les prepared the many fl oral shapes from recycled materials.

A plasma cutter was used to cut the oval shape and letters from the metal base. Corrugated iron was then applied behind the base to highlight the lettering.

With its many fl owers fi rmly attached, the weighty sign was relocated to its new Horne Street home with the generous advice and assistance of Workmate’s Brett Petersen and his heavy equipment.

The Art Depot was established using seed funding from the Shire of Campaspe. It is run by Rushworth Community House and is one of many activities that the House conducts at the southern end of Rushworth.

The Community House was recently granted Committee of Management status over other Crown Land parcels in the area. DELWP, the Victorian Government’s Land Management Authority, offered management of the expanded area to the Community House and the proposal was readily accepted. The area includes both the town’s historic Court House (next to the current Police Station) and the tiny old Police Lockup.

The Community House hopes to develop the expanded area for use by townsfolk across a wide spectrum of interests.

Possible uses for the Court House include theatrical productions, an electronic media hub, a small fi lm studio and as an uniquely atmospheric meeting place. People with a passion for the arts, history and meeting people are urged to contact the Community House and become a valued volunteer.