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A New Look Business Centre for Stanhope


A New Look Business Centre for Stanhope image

During the COVID lockdown the Stanhope Business Centre has received a complete new facelift.

Firstly it was given a new paint job, with a changed colour scheme of light grey and a dark grey for the trims, with the windows remaining white.

According to the Business Centre managers and the Stanhope & District Development Committee Inc (S&DDC), local feedback received has been one hundred percent positive.

Recently, a historic mural has been attached to the Monash Street side wall. This mural is created from very old photos gathered by the S&DDC from a variety of sources, depicting the very early history of Stanhope. It records the time following the breaking up of the huge Winter-Irving Estate, the formation of the Closer Settlement Scheme by the Government and later, following the First World War, the Soldier Settlement Scheme.

They also show the very early formation of the Stanhope & District Dairy Co operative on the same site and the forerunner of today’s Fonterra. These are displayed together with an early photo of the Stanhope railway station and a photo of the disastrous fire, which destroyed most of the businesses on the south side of Birdwood Avenue in the 1920s.

These photos and the stories that accompany them, were gathered mainly by Glenda Cowie, President of the S&DDC and other members of the committee.

The photos were transposed by Karl Devlin, of Karl Devlin Signs, onto aluminium and attached to the wall for all to see.

All this was made possible in part, by a grant received by the S&DDC from FRRR.